How many of your sales team overachieve on their targets?

How to improve sales in your business…

If you are in sales or if you run a business that employs sales people, you will be very familiar with the concept of targets, margins, quotas, bonuses and general activity. You will be even more familiar with the reasons and excuses spouted out when people do not attitude_mattersdeliver on the target. things like:

1. We were too expensive

2. He is thinking about it and will call me back (he is not thinking and he won’t call back by the way)

3. The leads and prospects that I have are weak

4. I just did not have time

5. The targets are not achievable

6. People just don’t want to buy what I have at this time of year.

Every excuse or reason outlined above, and believe me, there are hundreds more reflect the attitude of either you or the sales person. In order to eliminate these excuses and reason, we have to take control of our attitude. We have to improve our attitude and we have to work on our attitude every day. We have to learn more and we probably have to do more.

Remember, a sale is always made.

Working longer hours is rarely the answer but working hard on yourself, your approach, your ability to create a buying environment is what will deliver the sales time after time.

Few people question their own ability on a daily basis and take improvement actions. We are often face with defences like:

I have been in sales for 20 years, there is nothing I do not know (Wrong buster – you know so little, you are probably a liability)

Its all about activity – its a numbers game – Numbers are critical but so is your attitude and your ability to adjust.

Sales is a natural thing – you either can sell or you can’t – yes sales does come naturally to some but most sales improvement can be learnt and improved upon.

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So you think you know it all…

I Know, I Know, I Know and therefore I am not listening…

How many times have you had a discussion with a team member about their performance, i know everythingconscious of the fact that they are nodding in agreement, but silently saying to themselves that “they know it all” and therefore, are not listening, not taking in the feedback and more than likely, not going to make any change to their work.

It is very frustrating.

“I Know” are 2 of the most dangerous words in life – They close your brain off from learning anything new, they deprive you of new opportunities to learn, they prevent you from improving the quality of your life and if you are a business owner, they can deliver you a team of mediocrity that takes your business nowhere.

I challenge you. Next time you find yourself saying that or next time you hear it from a team member, stop.

Let me give you an example. I was recently speaking to a sales exec about their performance. They had been in sales for 20 years, so as far as they were concerned they knew it all about sales. This same individual was performing at about 60% of the average sales person in the business but they could not see it. They could not see that their 20 years of experience was in fact 1994 repeated 20 times. they could not see that the world around them had changed. They had not adapted themselves.

Rather than them saying “I Know” they need to replace this with “I can sell but how good am I at it, really?” Everyone needs to say this because there is always room for us to improve.

Focus your team on getting better. Focus yourself on getting better.

The more you learn, they more you can earn. Call me on 087 222 0720 if you want to learn and earn more.