In a sales slump? Look back at your activity.

If you own or run a business or sales team, you will be familiar with the daily requirement to generate new leads, create new business opportunities and start new relationships.

An important determinant to your success will be your level of consistent prospecting Moving Through the Sales Funnel words on gears with customers waactivity. Don’t measure your productivity (your sales success), measure your activity on a daily basis and every day, the number of quality activities that you do will determine you success.

With the development of online tools such as email and online tools such as Linkedin it is much easier to get a message to your prospects. Having said that, its much easier for your competition to do it as well, and they will, incessantly.

To be successful in sales, irrespective of your product, your prospecting habits must stand up to the scrutiny they will receive on a weekly and monthly basis.

Word of mouth and referral based lead generation usually gives the highest quality leads with an above average conversion rate and in many cases an above average sale value.

If you are not getting referrals from existing clients or if your word of mouth business is not good, this is a good place to start. Are you adding enough value to your client. Do you deliver consistently.

Past customers and even existing customers are also worth considering, they have already purchased from you so if you have delivered for them, they will more than likely purchase from your again.

What businesses do from here can vary, from networking to telemarketing, to bold calling, to email list and email marketing.

The most important things for any business owner is to do everything on a consistent basis and ensure that you are looking for ways to leverage yourself in the process so that you are there to deal with the warm prospects.

Business owners and sales people can get caught in the nitty gritty of the process and sometimes relax on the follow up and relationship building which is where the real money is.

Marketing, Sales and business development is the most important part of any business. Would yours pass the consistency and sustained effort test.

Stop costing your business money – contact me today on 087 222 0720 and we can carry out the test and identify improvement potential immediately.

Why a sales process is so important in business

Most people under estimate what it takes to become successful in sales. In fact most people  think that sales is a job that just about anyone who can talk can do well. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Business owners entrust their company success to “sales people” without fully understanding how to manage them and how to ensure that they do not end up being a cost to the business. And the strange thing is that sales is one of the easiest areas to manage, if you just give it some time and understand that it is a process.

There are a few other elements as well which will ultimately determine the amount of success achievable. Think of the sales process as the chassis on which you can build your business.

If you operate a field sales them where your sales representatives call on other businesses or consumers, you will need a process to manage Lead Generation Activity, Meeting and Presentation Activity, Conversion Rate, Value of Sales and Level of Repeat Business. Salespeople will whinge when you start to measure all these aspects of a role but the great thing is that if there is a problem with a particular salesperson, the measurements and stats will help to pinpoint the problem easier and will allow for corrective development to be put in place quickly.

In sales, your biggest constraint will determine the level of your success and a sales process will break down your daily and weekly routine into a process. By continuously working on your constraints, you will automatically raise your game.

If your problem is uncovering opportunities, we will know to look at the quality of leads generated or your ability to ask questions or your ability to drill down once you have asked the initial question.

If your problem is conversion, then we will need to look at how you manage the relationship and how you ensure that you have clearly understood the buying signals, timescales and also that you are in conversation with the decision maker.

If your problem is repeat business, then we would look at the your communication style, the level of contact you have with the client, how well the company delivers on what you promised originally. Remember that 2nd, 3rd and 4th sales are much more profitable than the 1st sale even if there is not as big a thrill.

If your problem is doing the activity, then we would question your reason for being in sales in the first place. Successful Sales people are people of action. They get up early, they don’t watch the clock, they are clear on what they want from life and how much they want to earn. They are motivated by achievement, success and the wanting to do better.

If your problem is your price, then we would look at your perception of value, your perception of your product, your perception of your self and your company. We would also look deeper into why you struggle with the price of your product. A sales person who give excessive discounts just to win sales will ultimately cost your business money.

Take the time to work on your sales process today