How to get more sales in your business

If your business is suffering from a lack of sales, you have a number of options:

1. You can work more hours!

2. You can get better at selling!

Which option carries the most appeal for you? When you consider that the number 1 reason for business failure is burnout, it would seem that far too many people opt for the “work harder” approach. Why is this? Is it because they are afraid to look closely at themselves and their approach to selling and marketing. Are they in danger of getting caught in a rut.

If you own a business, your mantra should be:

“work harder on myself than I do on my business”

If you adopt this as your approach to business, it will cause you to learn more, challenge yourself to explore better ways of doing this, cause you to consider leverage in your business, stop you from being the busy foll and ultimately will lead you to success.

Many business owners make the fatal mistake of not improving their business as time goes by. They may change their products and they way the make the product but do they change their approach to customers and sales, their approach to their team. The answer is no.

If your business needs more sales, ask yourself this question. – How many sales do we make from every 10 enquiries that we get for our product or service. Ifs its less than 6, then you need to work on your sales process.

If you business need more enquiries because your conversion rate is great, then thats all about marketing and understanding who you are targeting and how to get to them.

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What’s your conversion rate?

If you currently spend any money on advertising, STOP. What’s your conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is the number of new clients/customers you get compared to the number of enquiries you get. For example, if 10 people contact your business and you do business with 2 of them, your conversion rate is 20%

Consider this…

If you knew how to increase your conversion rate you would automatically improve the effectiveness of your advertising. In the example above, if you managed to get your conversion rate to 40% or 4 out of 10, your advertising costs would halve.

Here are some simple ways to improve your conversion rate.

1. Ask for the sale. Too often, we have the new customer or new client but we fail to ask them for the business. Sometimes, they will leave and you may miss out on the business.

2. Remove the risk. Especially in 2011, businesses and consumers are nervous and if the detect any risk at all in dealing with you, they will take their business else where. Is there any risk associated in doing business with you? Are you really sure? Would you buy from you? The easiest was to eliminate risk is to provide a guarantee.

3. Train the team. If you knew that your fellow team members were not as good at winning new business as you, would this make you feel great about yourself or would you be concerned about the sales being missed. Either way – its your responsibility. The simple solution here is to carry out some sales training for the team. Even 10 minutes per week can be very effective.

4. Follow up. In some cases, sales are made by providing quotes or people take some time to make up their mind. In 83% of sales situations the follow up from the supplier is extremely poor in that they do not follow up or the follow up is weak. Why is this? Fear of rejection is the answer so the easiest thing is to stick the head in the sand and hop the business comes in. By the way – it does not work this way.

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Attract New Business Today…

5 Ways to attract new customers to your business

Chasing new customers and new clients to your business can be frustrating. What if you knew how to attract them to your business. Here are 5 things that you can do…

1. Define and publish your uniqueness. Why are you any different from your competition and how can this difference really help your clients? To define your uniqueness you have to take the time to look at your business and your skills and ask some difficult questions.

2. Give your business a spring clean. How well does your business look from the outside, how promptly do you return calls, quotes/tenders. How promptly do you issue invoices and collect money. How professional is your overall approach.

3. Build on your profile. Too many businesses continue to market in a vacuum. They market one to one and fail to take advantage of technology and specifically the internet which incorporates web, email, social media etc.

4. Deliver excellent consistent results with your customers. If you are in a product supply business, then deliver consistently and reliably. If you are in a professional service business, then make sure that the results you get are tangible and measured.

5. Define what an excellent client looks like for you and tell as many people as you can. Very often, business find themselves working with customers and clients that end up actually costing them money. That is ludicrous yet few do anything about it. Distanceyourself from people who are not profitable for your business.

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