What to do when you have too much to do…?

As a business owner, it is very easy to get caught up in trying to do everything in your business. You do this for a number of reasons:

image11. You believe that if you do not do the task it will not get done.

2. If you do not do the task, it will not be completed correctly.

3. If you do not do the task, it will not be done fast enough.

4. You could not possibly ask a member of the team to do this particular task.

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There is a saying that

“if the dog chases 2 rabbits, he catches none”.

This can be applied to the behaviours of many business owners and managers.

To alleviate the requirement on you to do all the tasks in your business, we work with you to ensure that:

1. Most tasks can be systemised and therefore delegated

2. A better system of accountability can be introduced so that people can be held accountable for the tasks.

3. A better system of reporting can be put in place so that we know when things are completed properly.

4. You have confidence that you do not need to complete all the tasks.

Your primary responsibility in the business is to lead the team and enable the business to grow. There is no point paying your team if you are not in a position to delegate more to them.

You can only carry one or 2 people but you can lead thousands.

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How to engage with customers without being pushy

People hate to be sold things but they like to buy things. If this statement is so true why do  pushyretailers not understand this concept and implement it into their business as much as possible.

The standard question “can I help you” is probably the worst thing that you can possibly say to a shopper these day, especially if you say it before they are even in the door.

It is often said by team member hoping that you will say “no”. Even their body language hopes that you will say “no”. If you do say “no”, then they have done their job and they can get back to do some less important task in the business. Also, if they have “done their job” and you subsequently decide to leave without buying anything, then they are not responsible.

If you are in retail and you want to increase your sales without being pushy, start by understanding why people buy from you and identify all the things that can assist a sales and all the things that can eliminate the possibility of a sale. Understand how to welcome someone to the store and understand that you must allow them to browse and feel comfortable doing so. Understand how to offer help in their decision if they need it and also understand how to build rapport with people.

There is an underlying sales process required for every business. This needs to be taught to the entire team and embraced because it is best practice.

Remember, this may be the only training that the team may have received in their lives. You owe it to them and your business to train them to work at their best.

Some business owners struggle with the concept of training because they either do not know how to deliver it or they cannot find the time.

Training on a sales process does not have to be a long drawn out affair. It would be much more favourable if it was delivered in short bursts but re-affirmed on a very regular basis in a never ending cycle.

When someone makes the claim that they “Know How to Sell”, we need to question this as follows:

“Yes you may know how to sell, but how good are you at it?”

This question can only be asked if you measure the performance of your sales team over a period of time.

Engaging with customers without being pushy can be built into the training process. There are key words to use and body language and overall attitude can have an impact on its success.

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Whose job is it to motivate the team?

Can a manager actually motivate a team member by having a chat with them about where the business is headed – the vision and mission of the business?

How long would that “motivation” really last in the mind of the employee?

How many times has it been heard that the team members are not motivated and that the management brought in someone from the outside to motivate the team.

Well, even Tony Robbins does not call himself a motivational speaker. Probably because he knows that the majority of the motivation that anyone needs must come from within. And yet few few people have ever taken the time to look at themselves, to discover their true motivations and desires.

When working with business owners who struggle to get the best from the team, our objective is to help them to understand the team member at a deeper level, to understand their true motivation, to understand what really drives them. What they need to do then is to link the vision and mission and objectives of the company to the employees true motivations.

Sometimes there is no connection and thats where the employee needs to be challenged, especially if occupying a role where being highly motivated matters to the success of the company.

In small business today, there is no room for team members who just want to exist and do the bare minimum. Yet, they do exist because owners and managers do not equip themselves with the learning and tools necessary to lead an manage people properly.

Too many people (owners and managers) stop at the simple skills level when it comes to motivation. They need to learn about the level called beliefs, the level called values, the level called identity and then look at the overall environment within which they exist. To get to beliefs, values and identity takes time and effort and to change these areas also takes time and effort. This is time well spent because the changes are far more permanent than an ad in a paper or a promotion that runs for a week.

Given that such a high percentage of every small business’s turnover goes in wages, it is so worth while investing your time to get the most from the team. Getting the most from the team, while helping them to get the most for themselves is also hugely rewarding and where you truly become a leader of people.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast…

Have you ever wondered why so many business fail, even though they seem to be doing all the right tings to grow their business. The answer very often lies in the culture of the business – or lack of it.

At ActionCOACH we use the word culture to encapsulate the combined values of a business – the things that it stands for, the things that drives it on and the “rules” by which the business is run. The culture underpins the Vision and Mission of the business.

Take the time in your business today to really understand your culture – If you need help – please contact me.

Once you understand exactly what the business holds dearest, use this to communicate with your team. The culture of the business must challenge people to be better and have higher standards – If you need help doing this, drop me an email.

Over a period of time, communicate your vision, your mission and  your culture to your team by what you say and by what you do every day. Sustained and consistent focus on developing a culture is what allows it to exist and flourish. Remember there is always the gravitational pull of negative forces to work against to the culture has to be strong and empowering for you and your team. If you need help with this – call me.