Summer Business Blues… – Discipline Required

Summer often offers business owners the opportunity to take a break, get refreshed and re-energised and ready for a fresh assault on the world of business. However, it also offers business owners the opportunity to offer up excuse after excuse about why their business is not where it should be:

“No one buys anything in the summer”

“No Point Marketing Now – there is nothing happening”

“All the staff will be on holiday now – I cant make any changes until they come back in September”

Many businesses lose momentum in the summer and this can have a huge impact on the bottom line over the course of a year. If you or your business tend to suffer from the summer time blues here’s what you can do:

1. Plan your summer business activity well in advance identifying things that you can do every week.

2. Work on marketing to your database during the summer – its easy and its low cost

3. Make sure that you business is not impacted too badly by scheduling summer holidays properly  – you will need some rules for this.

4. Plan in a break for yourself as well so that you can enjoy the holidays as well.

5. Keep the team focused on sales, service and results.

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Discipline turns into Habit

How many bad business habits do you have? 

Not setting targets for yourself, your team and your business?

Forgetting to communicate with your team?

Focusing on the minutiae of administration at the expense of customer care?

Focusing on yourself and not on your team?

Neglecting to do any marketing week after week?

Sticking to old sales tactics when clearly the do not work?

Failing to take action and procrastinating instead?

Developing new habits for your business is a must in 2011. To develop a new habit, we must first be clear on what this habit will do for you. To develop a habit, we need discipline and the discipline is required until the activity/habit becomes second nature for you. It is suggested that you must do something repeatedly for 21 days before you could consider it a habit.

The best way to ensure that a habit sticks and is worth pursuing is to measure the benefit that you receive from it. In business, it is very important to continually look at the habits that you have and assess whether they are helping you are hindering you.

Make a list today of your business habits and identify some new ones that you need to introduce. Contact me if you would like to discuss your business in more detail.


Excellent Team Members

“The staff that I have are no good”

Very often, I hear this for business owners. And I immediately say “Well, you get the staff that you deserve”. Business owners react in different ways to this comment. Some negative, some positive.

Either you hire bad staff or the good staff that you hire get bad from the moment they are hired. Either way the responsibility is yours.

The six keys to a winning team are as follows:

1. Strong Leadership – Please rate yourself and if its anything under 6 – you need to work on it now.

2. A common goal – most team lack direction and often more specifically, they are not clear on what is expected of them.

3. Rules of the Game – The common misconception is that people dislike rules – quite the contrary in fact, people like rules and work better where rules exist. same as playing a game.

4. An Action Plan – same as planning a journey, planning an event. Teams within a business need an outline of what they need to work on over a period of time.

5. Support Risk Taking – If the team work within the rules and toward the achievement of the Action plan, then decisions they make must be supported. If not, they will stop making decisions and dis-improve in terms of motivation and commitment.

6. 100% Inclusion & Involvement – Get the team involved, share the vision, lead them. Work together.

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Is your leadership holding your business back?

Working with business owners every day allows us a great insight into the difference between good businesses and great businesses.

We often encounter business owners who lack and vision or direction for themselves or their business.
This can be cause by:
1. Recession Pressure – Operating in survival mode for too long
2. Financial Mis-Management – where a good business suffers because the correct financial control were not in place
3. The business owner may have already over achieved on original targets and never set any new targets.
4. General Burnout

Fixing this is critical to the success of the business. It is also the most rewarding from a business growth and financial point of view.

To fix this we coach the client on re-establishing his “WHY”. We establish his reasons for being in business and we work with him to communicate this message to the team. We work with the client to re-engage the team and put systems in place to ensure that the message continues to have meaning, continues to be communicated and continues to be lived every day.

Together Everyone Achieves More

In 2011, Business Owners in Ireland are pulling out all the stops in their efforts to drive on their business. Having gone though serious cost cutting exercises over the past 3 years, many of the business owners are again looking at efficiency and productivity. When we work with clients, we coach and teach them on leadership and the importance of building a team of committed professionals.

Helping a business owner to lead a team and to see the benefits of this leadership is very rewarding. The results are immediate and long lasting and it also impacts the bottom line.

Many business owners are fearful of leading a team because they often lack the skills or techniques. Simple team leading strategies work in most cases.

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Are you doing enough in your business?

Its February 2011. Businesses in Ireland are struggling to survive. Business owners are trapped by excessive personal debt, trapped by debtors who cannot afford to pay and trapped by fear of making changes in their business.

They are not doing enough to get themselves and their business out of trouble. This is caused primarily by burnout or exhaustion.

If this sound like you, then let me assure you – there is a better way. Start with a simple plan of action which includes daily positive business improvement steps for your business.

As a business coach, we work with business owners to improve profitability, get them refocused and get them and their business working again.

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