Why business owners must perservere

There are so many good businesses in Ireland today. Their product is good, their service is good, the after sales support is good, their people are good. But in many cases they are not as successful as they should be. With poor cash flow you can often get dips in service, reduction in products quality and inconsistency in sales and marketing. Shame if this happens to your business.

This inconsistency can often spiral out of control and leave all these good companies teetering on the edge. And often for no good reason. They have all made sales, they have all been paid but they have not achieved consistency. Or they have stopped doing what works in their business.

An important aspect of sales and marketing is to test and measure every aspect of your sales and marketing. This way you can make solid informed decisions and reduce the amount of money you have to spend to make each sale. Because people do not measure, they often get tired of running sales and marketing strategies that actually work and that do not cost them much. And then the cashflow dis-improves and then their business struggles and then they do not know what they should do.

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How to get more sales in your business

If your business is suffering from a lack of sales, you have a number of options:

1. You can work more hours!

2. You can get better at selling!

Which option carries the most appeal for you? When you consider that the number 1 reason for business failure is burnout, it would seem that far too many people opt for the “work harder” approach. Why is this? Is it because they are afraid to look closely at themselves and their approach to selling and marketing. Are they in danger of getting caught in a rut.

If you own a business, your mantra should be:

“work harder on myself than I do on my business”

If you adopt this as your approach to business, it will cause you to learn more, challenge yourself to explore better ways of doing this, cause you to consider leverage in your business, stop you from being the busy foll and ultimately will lead you to success.

Many business owners make the fatal mistake of not improving their business as time goes by. They may change their products and they way the make the product but do they change their approach to customers and sales, their approach to their team. The answer is no.

If your business needs more sales, ask yourself this question. – How many sales do we make from every 10 enquiries that we get for our product or service. Ifs its less than 6, then you need to work on your sales process.

If you business need more enquiries because your conversion rate is great, then thats all about marketing and understanding who you are targeting and how to get to them.

To make sure that you maximise the return that you get from your marketing and sales, contact Derek on 087 222 0720 today.

Sell the Sizzle not the Steak

At ActionCOACH we define selling as “Professionally helping people to buy”. Its based on the principle that people hate to be sold to but they love to buy things.

The most common mistake that people who go into sales make, is that they think that they have to be great at talking and that they have to talk all about their product and the features of their product or service.  The reality is that the customer probably does not actually want the product or service that you are offering but they may want what the product or service delivers. i.e when a person asks for a drill bit in a hardware store, do they really want a drill bit or do they want a hole in the wall?!!

I recently witnessed a presentation on a product which “featured” a lot of technical detail. I observed that the sales person had lost the crowd within 2 minutes because he was blinding them with technical information. The product he was selling could help the same business really increase their sales and profits but he missed the point and missed the sale. If he had asked them first about what they expected from the product and how they would measure their return on investment, he would have had a greater degree of success.

If your sales approach needs to change to reflect today’s market then take action now. Call us on 065 707 9873. You may not want to have a business coach but you may want what we can deliver – increased profits guaranteed.

How Well do you Sell Yourself? The 12 x 12 x 12 Rule

If you are in business and it’s success depends on your ability to sell, then you may need to take a close look at yourself because peoples’ perception of you will directly reflect the success you achieve.

Consider the rule of 12 x 1 2 x 12

1. How do you look from 12 Feet Away

  • How professional do you look – do you reflect the best in your industry
  • How do you hold yourself and how do you walk – What does your physiology say about you?
  • How aware are you of your surroundings and how present are you?


2. How do you look from 12 Inches

  • How is your greeting and handshake 
  • How is your attitude and does it reflect your positives or negatives. Will people want to spend time with you
  • How focused are you on what is going right in your life?
3.What are the first 12 words that you say?
  1. Every professional must be able to present themselves succinctly to the point that what you say, triggers a question from the person you are speaking with.
  2. Your message must be simple and not contain more than 1 or 2 items
  3. Your message must be relevant to the other person in the conversation.

How Resisting Change Can Kill Your Business

Your ability to embrace change, make decisions and take massive action will directly affect the progress your business takes in the next 3 months.

In fact it will have a greater effect on your business than any external force such as recession, people not spending, people being scared or people looking for cheaper goods and services.

To counter these external influences, we as business people must react and we must react in a way that will have a positive effect. Simply doing nothing is not an option, but that is what most people are doing. And they are doing this out of FEAR. Fear will kill your business.

You see, a business is like a tree, its either growing or dying. If you business is not growing or it is stagnating, then you must make some changes today.

To assist you in making these changes, we suggest that you start off with a plan. Where do you want your business to be in 3 years time and what will it look like? Then where do you want it to be in 1 year?  Then where do you want it to be in 90 days from now? Where is it right now? The steps that you have to make to get it to your 90 day objective should be obvious Its just a matter of putting them into practice. one at a time.

If you decide to make one change per week in your business, it will probably be done

If you decide to make 2 changes in your business per week, they will sometimes get done

If you decide to change 3 things in your business per week, they will rarely get done.

Choose to change one thing every week.

“Coached Businesses Grow Faster than Business without a Coach” – According to a study carried out by Cogent Research in June 2011.


Summer Business Blues… – Discipline Required

Summer often offers business owners the opportunity to take a break, get refreshed and re-energised and ready for a fresh assault on the world of business. However, it also offers business owners the opportunity to offer up excuse after excuse about why their business is not where it should be:

“No one buys anything in the summer”

“No Point Marketing Now – there is nothing happening”

“All the staff will be on holiday now – I cant make any changes until they come back in September”

Many businesses lose momentum in the summer and this can have a huge impact on the bottom line over the course of a year. If you or your business tend to suffer from the summer time blues here’s what you can do:

1. Plan your summer business activity well in advance identifying things that you can do every week.

2. Work on marketing to your database during the summer – its easy and its low cost

3. Make sure that you business is not impacted too badly by scheduling summer holidays properly  – you will need some rules for this.

4. Plan in a break for yourself as well so that you can enjoy the holidays as well.

5. Keep the team focused on sales, service and results.

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Growth Club July 1st – A Must for Business Owners

You are invited to join our group of like minded Irish Business Owners and their Teams, jointly committed to making the next 90 DAYS REALLY COUNT!

  • Reset your VISION…
  • Set some great GOALS…
  • Write yourself a great action PLAN…
  • Get CLARITY and FOCUS…

We’ll work with you to map out a winning game plan for the next 90 days. You will get back to your business with clear direction and new tools to achieve your goals faster.


You’ll walk away with…

  • Energy, vision, passion and focus for the next 90 days in your business and life…
  • New strategies to instantly build your profits and increase your cashflow…
  • A ready to implement simple time-lined Action Plan…
  • A switched on network of business contacts to work with…
  • The skills and tools to help you get more done in less time.

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Culture eats strategy for breakfast…

Have you ever wondered why so many business fail, even though they seem to be doing all the right tings to grow their business. The answer very often lies in the culture of the business – or lack of it.

At ActionCOACH we use the word culture to encapsulate the combined values of a business – the things that it stands for, the things that drives it on and the “rules” by which the business is run. The culture underpins the Vision and Mission of the business.

Take the time in your business today to really understand your culture – If you need help – please contact me.

Once you understand exactly what the business holds dearest, use this to communicate with your team. The culture of the business must challenge people to be better and have higher standards – If you need help doing this, drop me an email.

Over a period of time, communicate your vision, your mission and  your culture to your team by what you say and by what you do every day. Sustained and consistent focus on developing a culture is what allows it to exist and flourish. Remember there is always the gravitational pull of negative forces to work against to the culture has to be strong and empowering for you and your team. If you need help with this – call me.