Smart You vs Stupid You – Who wins most often?

Business not where it should be?

Every wondered whats really holding you back? Ever wondered why you are not making more money, why you are the busy fool, why your business just is not where you feel it should be. Its probably because Stupid YOU is ruling in your world.

Assume that you are made up of 2 people Smart You and Stupid You and that you want to grow your business.

Smart YOU will make a plan and on your plan you will put all your goals and objectives. You will identify the constraints that you are faced with and decide what you needs to do to  overcome these constraints. You will identify the activities that you need to undertake and when you need to start the process. You will calculate how much money you need to make your business the success it should be. You will identify the people on your team that add value to your business and you will also identify those that need to be challenged or moved on.

You will plan out your week so that you are as productive as possible for every hour that you are at work. You will eliminate distractions – all because you have a goal that you want to achieve, one that you feel challenged by and one that you feel will make you a better person. So you are all set…

Then Stupid YOU starts to work.

Stupid YOU tells you that plans are a waste of time – what if you don’t fulfill it and then you will look a fool. –

Stupid YOU tells you that your constrains are part of who you are and that they are impossible to change at this time – anyway – you are too busy working to be addressing constraints.

Stupid YOU tells you that you also also overworked enough than to be taking on new activities – You have no time as it is – Stupid YOU KNOWS that there is no better way.

Stupid YOU tells you that there is no money left in the world, that no customer has money  anymore and that its better to mind what you have, even though you are losing money every day. Stupid YOU feels safe – like a ship in the harbour.

Stupid YOU tells you that the staff you have are ok – better the devil you know – watch out for unfair dismissal, that its too hard to find good people and its a waste of money talking to the team because they only care about wages.

Stupid YOU loves watching repeat TV, facebook, texting people – better life life now, have fun, stay with your own people and not rock the boat.

Stupid YOU is consumed by fear of failure, fear of change and probably fear of success. Stupid you is stuck in the past. There is no future there…

Does Stupid YOU or Smart YOU rule your world?

Dream x Goal x Plan x Act

If you are in business and are feeling overwhelmed, overworked and stressed out, then maybe its time to drEAM GOAL BUSINESS PLAN ACTIN DEREKO DWYERtake a step back and take a good look at why you are in this place. It will also help you to get some perspective.

When working with clients, we use the following formula to help them get some definition, some direction and some focus.
Dream x Goal x Plan x Action

1. Dream – Take the time to think big, what do you really from from your life and your business – be specific. Think long term like 5 to 10 Years.

2. Goal – to help you achieve your dreams, what specific goals would you need to set to ensure that you are on the right journey – These are like milestones and are between 3 months to 3 years away. Again be as specific as you can

3. Plan – every business needs a plan yet so few ever write a plan after the first few months of business. A plan in more about the process of thinking and writing and sharing than the actual document that you produce but it causes you to ask “how to” or “how can I” questions. Again it helps to keep the daily challenges in perspective.

4. Act – Often where most people struggle – working their plan. What tasks will you do in your business every day that will help you move towards your goals and achieve the tasks in your plan. How will you recover from setbacks. How disciplined will you be.Business Coaching for small business, Free business advice ireland

If your dreams really inspired you and your goals were clear, your actions on a daily basis would have more purpose and conviction. Start today

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How Resisting Change Can Kill Your Business

Your ability to embrace change, make decisions and take massive action will directly affect the progress your business takes in the next 3 months.

In fact it will have a greater effect on your business than any external force such as recession, people not spending, people being scared or people looking for cheaper goods and services.

To counter these external influences, we as business people must react and we must react in a way that will have a positive effect. Simply doing nothing is not an option, but that is what most people are doing. And they are doing this out of FEAR. Fear will kill your business.

You see, a business is like a tree, its either growing or dying. If you business is not growing or it is stagnating, then you must make some changes today.

To assist you in making these changes, we suggest that you start off with a plan. Where do you want your business to be in 3 years time and what will it look like? Then where do you want it to be in 1 year?  Then where do you want it to be in 90 days from now? Where is it right now? The steps that you have to make to get it to your 90 day objective should be obvious Its just a matter of putting them into practice. one at a time.

If you decide to make one change per week in your business, it will probably be done

If you decide to make 2 changes in your business per week, they will sometimes get done

If you decide to change 3 things in your business per week, they will rarely get done.

Choose to change one thing every week.

“Coached Businesses Grow Faster than Business without a Coach” – According to a study carried out by Cogent Research in June 2011.


10 Ways to Build Resilience…

“10 Ways to Build Resilience”, – American Psychological Association 2010

(1) maintain good relationships with close family members, friends and others 

(2) avoid seeing crises or stressful events as unbearable problems

(3) accept circumstances that cannot be changed

(4) develop realistic goals and move towards them

(5) take decisive actions in adverse situations

(6) look for opportunities of self-discovery after a struggle with loss

(7) develop self-confidence

(8) keep a long-term perspective and consider the stressful event in a broader context

(9) maintain a hopeful outlook, expecting good things and visualizing what is wished

(10) take care of one’s mind and body, exercising regularly, paying attention to one’s own needs and feelings and engaging in relaxing activities that one enjoys.

Hard to argue with any of these points but you do have to work on them. The same is true for your business. Could your business tick the boxes on all of these?

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Attract New Business Today…

5 Ways to attract new customers to your business

Chasing new customers and new clients to your business can be frustrating. What if you knew how to attract them to your business. Here are 5 things that you can do…

1. Define and publish your uniqueness. Why are you any different from your competition and how can this difference really help your clients? To define your uniqueness you have to take the time to look at your business and your skills and ask some difficult questions.

2. Give your business a spring clean. How well does your business look from the outside, how promptly do you return calls, quotes/tenders. How promptly do you issue invoices and collect money. How professional is your overall approach.

3. Build on your profile. Too many businesses continue to market in a vacuum. They market one to one and fail to take advantage of technology and specifically the internet which incorporates web, email, social media etc.

4. Deliver excellent consistent results with your customers. If you are in a product supply business, then deliver consistently and reliably. If you are in a professional service business, then make sure that the results you get are tangible and measured.

5. Define what an excellent client looks like for you and tell as many people as you can. Very often, business find themselves working with customers and clients that end up actually costing them money. That is ludicrous yet few do anything about it. Distanceyourself from people who are not profitable for your business.

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