Are you hibernating for the Summer?

By now, you will have experienced the all too regular response from prospective customers… “Call me back after the summer holidays”. With this response you are effectively being told not to call back until September. That’s 3 months away.

Are you pushing back deals until after the summer or have you decided yourself that no business is conducted during the summer so you have given up marketing?

Yes, it can be more difficult to connect with business owners in the summer, and yes, sometime decisions are deferred to a later date. But this is not true for everyone.

Here are a few tips to avoid complete hibernation for your business:

1. Plan your summer sales and marketing activity. Focus on the results that you need to get and then establish the level of activity required to achieve this. On the basis that some people may be on 1 week or 2 weeks holiday, your own activity levels may need to increase slightly to combat this. Communicate this to your team.

2. Target customers who are not as tied to the summer holidays. Most parents of school going age children will take their holidays between July and August. Many other people avoid these times because they can, and because they can get better deals outside peak times.

3. Spend more time if you have it testing and measuring marketing. The world of marketing for new customers is changing all the time. There are new strategies that really work. How is your marketing working right now and how much are you spending per lead.

4. Ensure that all prospective leads are being followed up. They already know of your existence. Having the deadline of a holiday can be a good time to get a decision. Whether the decision is a yes or a no – at least you know and you are not deluding yourself.

The three months of summer can be very profitable for you and your business, if used correctly – start planning today and reap the results in the Autumn.



Why a sales process is so important

No Sales Process = Lost Profits

It amazes me when I go into companies that depend on sales every day, only to find out getting_more_sales_through_a_defined_sales_processthat there is no proper defined sales process. The success of the business is left entirely to each sales person who deals with customers in their own way. Don’t get me wrong – there are lots of good and even excellent sales people out there that have never even heard of a sales process – there are very few really successful companies that continue to grow without one. Here are 5 reasons why a sales process is so important:

1. It causes you to look for best practice – what works for your business and what does not work. There is no time nowadays to learn by trial and error and it really is a waste of time when we know that systems, leverage and training can speed this up.

2. It increases your conversion rate and therefore your profits. We have often found companies who have sales people in a key position, fully aware that their selling skills leave a lot to be desired, yet take no corrective action. In many cases the salesperson is well versed in the products, is pleasant to the customers but cannot get them over the line, even when they want to buy. A sales process can help here.

3. It reduces your costs – in a number of areas but it does in marketing because your marketing ROI is working better through an improved conversion rate. It reduces your recruitment costs because salespeople who are selling are happier. A sales process, well implemented will make people more successful

4. It allows consistency Рcustomers really like consistency and they come back when they know they will get the same service. A sales process allows consistency to be measured and  managed and it enables a growing company to introduce new team members easily.

5. A sales process enables more delegation and means that business owners and managers can leave certain tasks to other members of the team. Team members appreciate this responsibility and will like it even more if they have a process to follow.

The process for sales and indeed marketing is as important as the process that you have for running your accounts, manufacturing your products, managing the delivery of your service. Take the time to create, measure and manage your sales process and watch your bottom line improve.

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Whose job is it to motivate the team?

Can a manager actually motivate a team member by having a chat with them about where the business is headed – the vision and mission of the business?

How long would that “motivation” really last in the mind of the employee?

How many times has it been heard that the team members are not motivated and that the management brought in someone from the outside to motivate the team.

Well, even Tony Robbins does not call himself a motivational speaker. Probably because he knows that the majority of the motivation that anyone needs must come from within. And yet few few people have ever taken the time to look at themselves, to discover their true motivations and desires.

When working with business owners who struggle to get the best from the team, our objective is to help them to understand the team member at a deeper level, to understand their true motivation, to understand what really drives them. What they need to do then is to link the vision and mission and objectives of the company to the employees true motivations.

Sometimes there is no connection and thats where the employee needs to be challenged, especially if occupying a role where being highly motivated matters to the success of the company.

In small business today, there is no room for team members who just want to exist and do the bare minimum. Yet, they do exist because owners and managers do not equip themselves with the learning and tools necessary to lead an manage people properly.

Too many people (owners and managers) stop at the simple skills level when it comes to motivation. They need to learn about the level called beliefs, the level called values, the level called identity and then look at the overall environment within which they exist. To get to beliefs, values and identity takes time and effort and to change these areas also takes time and effort. This is time well spent because the changes are far more permanent than an ad in a paper or a promotion that runs for a week.

Given that such a high percentage of every small business’s turnover goes in wages, it is so worth while investing your time to get the most from the team. Getting the most from the team, while helping them to get the most for themselves is also hugely rewarding and where you truly become a leader of people.

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