Help me on my MISSION to coach 100 businesses for FREE this Year

I’ve committed to helping local business owners enjoy a business that provides an income from ‘PROFITS’, more than ‘Personal Exertion’, so I’ve set myself a MISSION to coach 100 businesses each year for FREE !

To make this a reality, I’m giving away 100, FREE, no strings attached, business development sessions. You can even choose the outline you think would help your business best….

1. The Marketing Review and Advertising Improvement Session…

I’ll do a full review of your two top Marketing Pieces (Ads, flyers, Direct Mail, Website), then we’ll sit down and re-work your material, to get the best result and return possible.

2. Your approach to Customer Service – An overhaul

Do you ever think that the team perform better when you are visible?  Well this ‘mystery shopper’ visit and report will tell you exactly what your customers experience!  You’ll receive a full report and we’ll sit down and discuss specific strategies, to improve your team’s performance… whether you’re there or not!

3. Profit Boosting & BHAG Planning Session

A full, 1-on-1 coaching session to review the interaction between your production, cashflow and systems. We’ll identify exactly what to do, to maximise your productivity and thus profits. You’ll then receive specific coaching to help you apply the most important strategy, to achieve better profits for less effort. And I’ll tell you what a BHAG is…