Meet Derek O’Dwyer

As a business coach located in the West of Ireland region, I help small to medium sized business owners grow their businesses, meet and exceed their goals, clarify their vision and mission and generally offer support, advice, accountability and mentoring. I currently work with business owners in Galway, Clare, Limerick, Kerry, Mayo and Roscommon.

Being a resident of Clare for the past 12 years, I am passionate about business and providing help and advice.

With your Business Success, Your Personal Time, Your Money and Your Relationships at stake, selecting the “right” Business Coach is critical…

So whether you are just considering for the first time, or whether you are considering a change of coach may be necessary to get you to the next level…

Call me on 087 222 0720 directly now!

You can take a few minutes to tell me about your business and your future plans and I will give you feedback, ideas and strategies to help you improve your productivity & profitability.

Here’s why you need to take action today..

… A great Business Coach will keep you focused on your business.

Great athletes rely on coaches to keep them focused on their ultimate goal:  winning.

And an ActionCOACH will keep you focused on a winning plan for your business – one that improves your bottom-line.

Discover how an ActionCOACH can guide you to success with tested, proven and systemised ways to grow and expand your business – no matter what kind of business you’re in.

Receive a FREE 1-hour business coaching session valued at €279 by calling me directly at 087 222 0720 and we’ll talk about when we can schedule your FREE business coaching session, and what ActionCOACH can do for you.

Business Coaching is a relatively new concept. I have been working as a business coach in Ireland since 2002 and in that time, I have worked with over 200 businesses.

Business Coaching is very results orientated, in that we get results that are quantifiable through the business. We work with the business owners, their managers and their teams.

Using the ActionCOACH systems, we agree with clients from the outset what they want to achieve from the program, we establish exactly where they are at right now and then we coach them to make the necessary changes in their business. Quite often, we have to work with the owner on becoming a better leader, manager and visionary.

Business owners very often find themselves in business having had very little business experience and even less people management experience. We work with them on implementing systems that help the business to run better.

In determining whether or not your business or you need a business coach, we follow a very simple process.

Believe it or not, the chief way that we do this is by asking great questions. For example:

  • Are you happy with the money that you make in your business?
  • Do your employees take home more money than you?
  • Do your employees have more holidays than you?
  • When was the last time you took a holiday?
  • How many hours a week do you work?
  • What does your family think about the hours that you work?
  • Do they always get the leftovers of your time, energy or money?
  • What would they tell me if I asked them the same questions about you?

If these questions present some answers that are painful for you, your family or friends, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

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