Need more sales – Heck YES!

If you ask 100 business owners if they would like more sales at a higher margin, they will all say “yes – thats exactly what I want”. If you look at those same 100 business owners sales leads list, you will find many quotes that have been issued and many sales not fulfilled.

When you ask the same 100 business owners why they have not followed up on the quotes and the proposals, the generally say that they have been too busy or that the prospect will call back if he wants to do business. This is not always the case and business owners are losing money on the back of this belief.

Sometimes, new customers need to be wooed into purchasing, sometimes they do like to detect that you are keen for the business, sometimes, your enemy is not competition but that the customer never makes a decision and the purchase remains unmade. When we also consider that one of the most expensive aspects of business development is lead generation, why are we so flippant with the leads that we have, Why do we not know the value of these warm leads where we have been in discussion with the prospects and we understand their requirements.

There can be a few reasons for this strange phenomenon as follows:

1. We believe that if the customer wants to work with us, they will make the call – Wrong Belief!

2. We believe that by following up we will appear desperate for the business – Wrong Belief!

3. We believe that by following up, we will come across as pushy and we are not a pushy business – Wrong Belief!

4. We believe that by following up, we will have to reduce our price so its better for the client to make their fist move – Wrong Belief!

Imagine following up 10 leads and 3 of them actually ended up buying from you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. To learn how to follow up professionally and with purpose, get in touch today.