When new team members join a small business, they are very often abandoned and left without guidance. This can be very dis-concerting for the new employee and can also be uncomfortable for the employer who may have great expectations of their new team member. Irrespective of seniority of position, every new employee needs to have objectives set with success parameters. How many of us have been left reading the policies and procedures manual plus the company brochure for hours on end.

One of the main reasons why employees become frustrated in the roles is that they are not clear about what is expected of them. therefore in the eyes of the employer they may or may not be doing a good job. This is simply frustrating, its a waste of everyone’s time and it is a big waste of money.

If you are hiring in 2018, make a particular point of setting time aside for the new direct reports that you have. After the usual induction and tour of the business, sit down and map out the new role clearly and concisely. Outline exactly how you feel the role should be performed, outline exactly what your definition of a job well done would be, ensure that the new hire takes good notes, check their understanding of what you just explained, be in a position to answer any question that they may have. Where do they go for help or support. Agree when you will review progress and explain your process for giving feedback. Leave very little time between initial reviews. Have some work ready to get them started in their position but again, assume that they will have lots of questions and be in the right frame of mind to assist them and be there for them.

Some people learn a new role by listening to instructions, some by observation. Most will learn from actually doing the work under observation. Help them to succeed rather then watching them fail from a distance and you will have completed the first step in developing them into a future leader in your business.