There is nothing more frustrating for a business owner than watching a highly disengaged employee slowly and systematically destroy the company they have build over many years. It’s scary, it happens and the feeling of helplessness that exists is palpable.

Not only are you wasting that persons salary but you are also losing on on the potential income that a highly engaged person in the same situation can generate.

Estimates vary but if you consider that in most professional services firms, a rough guide to the income generating potential would be 3x Salary, think what you are missing out on. That could be all your profit for the year.

All is not lost – in the first instance, we are obliged to explore all areas of getting the employee more engaged and productive. We are obliged to turn them from Not Committed and Competent to Committed and Competent – to a point.

There comes a time when we have to decide whats best for the company and for the remainder of the team and we have to use the law to support the need to remove this person from your employment.

No company should have to suffer from this type of disruption, especially when done in a malicious and consistent manner. The first step in this process is to ensure that you are fully compliant with Employee Handbook, Contracts of Employment, Job Descriptions, Company and individual objectives, appraisals, KPI and regular feedback sessions. For a company with none of these, fear not- its not a big job to establish this and its not expensive either. It also put you in a position of authority – something you may have been lacking.

The next stage is to clarify your objectives and set the standards that you need each person to adhere to.

To be continued…