If you consider that the cost of a disengaged or highly disengaged could be as much as 34% of your wage bill (in pure profit) terms, it would be worth investing some time in reducing this effect. Whilst very few (high disengaged) team member come to work with the intention of bringing your business into disrepute, the fact that the remaining group of dis-engaged team simply do what is expected of them and no more.

As a business owner, it is your responsibility to create and nurture a culture of engagement, involvement and exceeding expectations. When this happens, everyone wins. You win because you will have a more productive workforce and a more profitable company. Your team win as they derive greater satisfaction from working in your company and for you.

Developing a culture of engagement takes time but it also takes a commitment for the leaders within the company. Like any relationship, system or environment, it needs to be worked on continuously. It needs to infiltrate all areas of the your business. The Engage and Grow Group Activation system focuses on developing a new set of behaviours between the leaders in a company. Unlike Values (also very important) we focus primarily on bahaviours that can be observed and measured in the company.

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