It is estimated by Gallup that up to 35% of the wage bill of any company is being wasted because employees are either highly disengaged or simply disengaged.

What we mean by disengaged is that employees simply turn up for work and do what is expected of them but no more. Yet the press, the unions, many employees feel that they should be paid more. So we have a situation where employers are frustrated with the return they get from the team and the employees are frustrated by what they are paid. Who is to blame?

The answer is that all parties can take some ownership of the problem. It is a known fact that teams who communicate better, who are proactive, who go the extra mile and who look out for each other will generate more profit and growth and will also reduce employee attrition – more importantly it will reduce the level of Performing Employee Attrition and increase the level of disengaged employee attrition. The Engage & Grow 12 Week Intensive has proven time and time again to address this issue.

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