As a business owner, it is important to keep focused on building a profitable company (with integrity). Sometimes profit can seem elusive, and even when you do make a profit, it can be hard to see the money anywhere.

Some quick ways to improve profits and find the money:

  1. Review all purchasing agreements and look for overcharges on carriage, deals not adhered to.
  2. Review your margins – sometimes when we negotiate better deals with suppliers, the only one that benefits is the customer – Great that they can benefit, but you can too. Sometimes having formulas to work out your margins can be a bad thing.
  3. Return stock to suppliers where ever possible – If it is not selling, time to move it on and cash in.
  4. Look at all expenditure on Not For Resale items – can you make savings. Remember that every euro you save here goes straight to the bottom line.
  5. Know your numbers. Every business has metrics that they can compare, i.e Gross Profits, Wages to Turnover, Marketing Spend etc. If yours are out of whack, its costing you money. Why do you allow it.
  6. Add on sales – customers will buy more from you if they are aware that you supply it. Don’t assume that they know. Not every suggestion for an additional sale will work, but the more relevant they are, the better. i.e if you sell tyres, would you not automatically recommend wheel alignment. Of course you would. Non aligned wheels will destroy new tyres.

As a business owner, it is not ok just to accept what happens – You can affect your business positively every day.

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