Every business relies on sales to survive. Whether your business depends on existing customers or you are out looking for new ones, sales are the lifeblood of any business. And while there may not be the same fanfare when an existing customer buy some more, they are equally important.

The challenge in many small businesses is that there is not enough focus on sales:

  1. There is no one responsible for driving sales at the right margin
  2. There is little or no measurement on sales activity
  3. There is no sales plan for the business
  4. There is an over – reliance on existing customers for sales
  5. There is a raft of negative beliefs about sales amongst the entire team.

The vast majority of businesses deliver a product or service which enhances the lives of their customers, either they solve a problem for the customer, they make their lives easier, they fulfill a need or want.

So why the lack of focus?

  1. Is it lack of knowledge?
  2. Is it lack of experience?
  3. Is it a belief that we should not have to sell and that the customers should just buy from us because we are here?

As an ActionCOACH, we spend time helping clients to improve their sales process, to help them focus on driving sales (profitable ones) and to ensure that they know why they are getting the results that they are getting.

If you would like to analyse your sales process, please contact me today on 087 222 0720