No Contract of Employment – No Defence

No Employee Handbook – No Defence

No Job Description – No Defence

When there is harmony in the workplace and everyone is working towards a common objective, no one ever thinks of contracts, job descriptions and employee handbooks. There is no need to because everyone is properly aligned.

But things can and do change. External circumstances/influences can cause employees to becomes less satisfied at work, or less focused on their work. Changes internally in the organisation can lead employees to feel less valued and may cause them to questions their position.

Sometimes you get employees who are competent in their roles but simply not committed to the company or their fellow team members. When a conversation about poor performance does not seem to work and the situation seems to be deteriorating with no party willing to find a resolution, you have to look at all your options.

You have very few options when you do not have the infrastructure in place that will allow clarification of role, clarification of rules and clarity on the process that can and must take place to rectify the situation.

What percentage of your team are working below par?

Do you have team members whose performance you need to question?

Have you been avoiding addressing team issues because you have no infrastructure?

What is this costing you and your business?

What do your other employees think about you when they see you not addressing poor performance?

Do you think this may have an impact on their performance?

Time to take action. Call me today to schedule a review on your employment infrastructure.