People will judge you within a few seconds of meeting you. It’s primarily a subconscious thing.

If you are in business, it is very important that you make a good first impression because it increases your chances of doing business, it increase your chances of a profitable transaction, it rewards your marketing activity and it makes it easier for the customer to recommend you to someone else.

“you never have to recover from a good first impression”

While first impressions are created when you meet someone, they are also created:

  1. When one of your team meets a prospective customer on your behalf
  2. When one of your prospective customer reads something about you in a newspaper
  3. When you post something on social media
  4. When a customer walks into your premises and takes a look around
  5. When a customer calls your business on the phone or takes a look at your website.
  6. How you respond to an enquiry from a customer and how quickly you respond.

You have a huge amount of control over all these experiences. Each of these experiences really costs very little to be perfect, to give you a head start and to give you the edge in business.

So why is it then, that people do not take enough care when creating the good first impression?

Sometimes you may need an independent assessment of your first impression. Be open to the feedback, be open to the fact that you may need to make changes and you may need to also look in the mirror and make some changes there.

If you have a team and you receive feedback that your first impression (or whole service) may not be up to speed, then collectively you can work on this.

We work with clients every day on how to define and implement a customer experience that they can be proud of, a customer experience that will help them make more sales, a customer experience that will drive down your customer acquisition cost and greatly improve the return you get for your marketing spend.

Contact me today to discuss your first impression – or contact me with some feedback on mine..