Believe it or not, we are creatures of habit who dislike change, love consistency and crave security.

Knowing this, why do we not focus on delivering these things to our customers. If you asked the same customer to contact each team member you have and conduct a transaction with them, the results would shock you.

Some team members would be very good, others great, other brilliant, others not so good. And sometimes, this is where the problem lies. It’s not that any team member wants to deliver a poor service, its that the service being delivered by different team members is in-consistent and because of this, customers become fearful – to the point that they elsewhere for consistency.

I often meet business owners who believe that everyone of their customers needs to see them. Its not because they are btter, its not because they are liked any more than any of the team members, it is because, the customer knows that the consistency will be there.

As a business owner, you must spend sometime developing and improving the consistency that you can deliver on a continuous basis, irrespective of whether you are there or not.

It’s a straightforward exercise and it is one that can be conducted with the entire team.

We call it the Ideal Customer Experience.

We simply establish the following:

1. What should we always do and say when a customer contacts our business.

2. What should we never do or say when a customer contacts our business.

3. What do we always and never do when something goes wrong in our business

4. How to we keep the level of service consistent between the team members.

If your team understand the importance of consistency and they understand that they can play a major role in developing it, they will contribute to its success.