Here are a couple of simple strategies that could really boost your turnover and profitability this year.

1. Answer your Voicemail Messages

I passed on a referral to a supplier that I know because a client of mine Opportunity Concept.wanted the service that he offered. I left one message on his phone for him to call me, explaining the size of the opportunity and its immediacy. No Response. Not exactly true, I did get a response from his voice mail system telling me that his mailbox was full and could no longer take new messages.

It must be great when your business is that good, that you can ignore INCOMING, WARM REFERRALS from a TRUSTED SOURCE, with a potential of MASSIVE repeat business.

The strange thing here is that I know that this supplier need the business. He is just too “busy” making no money. Wrong priorities.

I am not suggesting that you become addicted to answering the phone. I am suggesting that you return calls regularly and that you ensure that people can leave messages for you.

Not being able to manage your diary or your phone messages may suggest to a potential that you may not be able to handle their account on a daily basis either.

2. Follow up on any Quotes

Every business that I see and work with offer a FREE QUOTATION or FREE MEASURING or FREE ASSESSMENT service. This is one of their lead generating strategies. And they generally work.

The only problem – and it is a massive problem – is that once the prospect makes contact and asks you to quote, measure or estimate for them, YOU DROP THE BALL.

When someone invites you to offer your service, they are assessing your company for more than just the price that you can do the work for. They are assessing your thoroughness, you professionalism, you responsiveness, your presentation, your manner and your follow up.

Very very few people follow up properly – mainly because they are either too lazy, don’t know who to follow up properly or are afraid of the outcome.

Follow up until you speak to someone and establish if you are in the running for the business. That simple act will put you ahead of your competition.

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The above strategies cost nothing to implement but will have a far greater effect on your bottom line than the advertising you are paying for this week. Think hard about it. Don’t do nothing.