Very often I speak to clients who tell me that they want to grow the business, who understand why they might not have grown over Who-Wants-Changethe past few years, who understand what they need to do to make a change… But do nothing.

And I wonder if they really do want to grow and increase profits in the business. They assure me that they do.

So why this conundrum?

There are a number of reasons why people stay where they are as follows:

1. Fear: Over the past number of years, the era of AUSTERITY has really taken hold and many business owners are fearful of venturing out to new territories, grabbing opportunities that may present themselves or looking for better ways of running their business. What they have may be working, it may be providing them with a good living, and because of all the external factors that they have no control over, they are hesitant to rock the boat. Very understandable.

2. Lack of Know How: The environment is changing, the media is changing, people’s buying habits are changing and there is less loyalty. Coupled with that, the rate of change is increasing and it can be difficult to stay abreast of developments. Doing no learning is not an option. People are missing out on easy revenue and easy access to new customers by not educating themselves.

3. Too Busy: Again, the AUSTERITY environment meant that many businesses had to cut back on staff numbers which meant that many tasks that would have been done, were now being done by the business owner, sometimes taking much longer, had they been done by a more suitable and qualified person. Even as businesses grow, there is a reluctance to employ and therefore the owner is too busy concentrating on things that ideally should be delegated.

4. No Goals or Objectives: Without some goals and objectives for the business, where can it really get to? We all need some focus in our lives and this is what goals and objectives can do for your business. Imagine having a team that knew exactly what they needed to be doing every day and week. Imagine if you personally have a clear vision of what your business needed to look like in 1 year and imagine then if you knew they steps that you needed to take to achieve this. Would you be more confident taking the first step?

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