It is said that the only constant in life is CHANGE. Yet most people avoid it, shun it, deny that it is necessary in the first place.

Every team meeting is full of ideas on what the business needs to do to grow and prosper. work-for-changeHOWEVER, the instant that the change affects the individual team member, we get resistance, push back, obstinate behaviour, delaying tactics and in some cases in-subordination.

Very often, the main driver behind this reluctance to change is FEAR, very often it is COMFORT ZONE.

Getting team members to understand and embrace change is an important aspect of good leadership. Encouraging discussion on why things have to change is also good, but only if everyone shares the common goal of the business and understands what the long term perspective is.

Businesses have to be adept at changing in 2013. They have to make decision fact, they have to react to changes in their environment fast because it is important that the business survives.

Behaving as a CHANGE BLOCKER is one of the fastest ways to alienate yourself in a company. In implies that you do not want to do whats best for the business, whats best for the team and very often whats best for the customers. It implies that you have stopped learning and growing as a person and have made the decision that the present is as good as it gets. This viewpoint does not help business development and growth.

The world around us is changing rapidly – Smartphones did not exist 6 years ago, YouTube did not exist 7 years ago. Google did not exist 15 years ago. Yet we want life to be the same in our business, in our office. No – be open to change, be open to embracing new things and you will be an invaluable asset to any business.