New Employee – Get off to the right start

Ok, so you have been through the arduous task of placing your job advert, sifting throughnew-guy CV’s, selecting people for interview, de-selecting people, having second interviews, checking references and the start day arrives and the new team member is thrown in at the deep end and left to wither and die…

Seems crazy – why would you go to all that trouble to hire the best person and not invest any or insufficient time in ensuring that they become productive for your business immediately.

How many employees have wondered “did I really make the right decision” when left on their own for hours on their first day with only a product brochure to read.

When you hire a new team member, there is no better time to explain your expectations to them, there will be no better time to ingrain your company culture and to explain what they need to do to enhance themselves while doing an excellent job for you.

It’s interesting, most employees get frustarted because they do not fully understand what is expected of them at work. Now is your chance to put that right. Here are 5 things that you should do with each new team member:

1. Make time for them on their fist day and make sure they are introduced properly to the team. Every time you introduce, explain clearly what their role will be and what you expect from them.

2. Sit down with them and explain their job role in detail again and how its success will be measured and also when you will start to see results from them

3. Outline what tasks they need to be completing each day and week (depending on their role) and explain how each part of their role is measured.

4. Go through the company Do’s and Don’ts without assuming anything. This is part of the culture of the business.

5. Explain how you are an organisation that thrives on ownership, accountability and responsibility rather than an environment where blame, excuses and denial are thriving.

This is just the start, the induction needs to be maintained for as long as it takes.

This is particularly important if you are in the process of managing a changing culture in an organisation, if you are faced with lower than satisfactory productivity or if there is an attitudinal epidemic in your organisation.

Never let a new team member become ingrained in the wrong culture. That’s your responsibility.

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