Business not where it should be?

Every wondered whats really holding you back? Ever wondered why you are not making more money, why you are the busy fool, why your business just is not where you feel it should be. Its probably because Stupid YOU is ruling in your world.

Assume that you are made up of 2 people Smart You and Stupid You and that you want to grow your business.

Smart YOU will make a plan and on your plan you will put all your goals and objectives. You will identify the constraints that you are faced with and decide what you needs to do to  overcome these constraints. You will identify the activities that you need to undertake and when you need to start the process. You will calculate how much money you need to make your business the success it should be. You will identify the people on your team that add value to your business and you will also identify those that need to be challenged or moved on.

You will plan out your week so that you are as productive as possible for every hour that you are at work. You will eliminate distractions – all because you have a goal that you want to achieve, one that you feel challenged by and one that you feel will make you a better person. So you are all set…

Then Stupid YOU starts to work.

Stupid YOU tells you that plans are a waste of time – what if you don’t fulfill it and then you will look a fool. –

Stupid YOU tells you that your constrains are part of who you are and that they are impossible to change at this time – anyway – you are too busy working to be addressing constraints.

Stupid YOU tells you that you also also overworked enough than to be taking on new activities – You have no time as it is – Stupid YOU KNOWS that there is no better way.

Stupid YOU tells you that there is no money left in the world, that no customer has money  anymore and that its better to mind what you have, even though you are losing money every day. Stupid YOU feels safe – like a ship in the harbour.

Stupid YOU tells you that the staff you have are ok – better the devil you know – watch out for unfair dismissal, that its too hard to find good people and its a waste of money talking to the team because they only care about wages.

Stupid YOU loves watching repeat TV, facebook, texting people – better life life now, have fun, stay with your own people and not rock the boat.

Stupid YOU is consumed by fear of failure, fear of change and probably fear of success. Stupid you is stuck in the past. There is no future there…

Does Stupid YOU or Smart YOU rule your world?