It can be very frustrating for business owners when team members simply will not do what is asked of them. This frustration is compounded even more when this attitude spreads to other team members and the business owner is fearful of the the team. This happens often – its a form of bullying. And the team member uses the threat of Employment Law as a tool to beat up on the owner.

So what can be done about this? The answer is lots but it does require some learning, some discipline and a measure of assertiveness.

Step 1. Understand the law and how it is also there to protect you. Take the time to read the Employers Guidelines that are written by ISME (Irish Small & Medium sized Enterprises Association) or the SFA (Small Firms Association)

Step 2. Make sure that every employee has a written Job Description that allows you some scope to change the role as your business changes.

Step 3. Give people clear goals and objectives either weekly, monthly or annuallly or all of the above.

Step 4 – When asking someone to do something in the business, be very clear with the instruction, set a timescale for completion and request that any problem with it be flagged early

Step 5  – Introduce accountability and check that work is being done

Step 6 – If the work is not being done having completed all the above, start issuing verbal and written warnings and make sure that the employee understands the seriousness of their actions.

Your objective is to drive the business in a particular direction. Your teams objectives should reflect this. If they choose to drive the business in a different direction you must take immediate action.

Sounds Simple – It is, but its not always easy. It gets easier if you persist and get outside your comfort zone. If you need help – call me – 087 222 0720