After a 6.5 hour flight with 2 children, my sister was informed by the rental company that the car she had booked was not ready and that she should wait in the lounge and they would call her on the tannoy. Not what you expect first thing in the morning!

When she expressed her dis-satisfaction, she was told that this was the busy time of the

"Do we look like we care? 'cos we don't!"

year and that there was nothing they could do about it.

When she suggested that they should probably have had some buffer stock in place and that they knew it was going to be busy, they just shrugged their shoulders and suggested that she email head office.

When she suggested that it was their responsibility to raise it with head office they simple said – “They dont listen to us”

When they were asked what their role was – they said it was to handle the abuse from customers! –

Another member of staff said that it was like working for disney – just a pure joke!

"It was such a busy day in Shannon"

Incidentally, Disney is far from a joke in terms of well run companies.

The situation about the car not being ready was bad, but could have been handled so much better. They simply did not care and indicated as much – it was as if to say – “suck it up – you chose to arrive in Ireland on a busy weekend”

If businesses want to survive and thrive – they have to make sure that the whole team cares about what they do, how they do it and pass this to the customer. Indifference will lose your company business.

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