As a professional, have you ever been rejected using the “time” excuse? Even if what you are offering seems way better than where they are right now. i.e.

Build your Rut - Attend the Next Growth Club

“I don’t have the time for this right now”

There are 3 reasons that you may get this excuse:

1. They genuinely do not have the time to consider an alternative – Thats a problem in itself.

2. The Time Excuse is a natural defence mechanism to new things and is often bandied about –

3. They do not think that you have something to offer them that would justify their time.

In any of these situations, the problems is yours because you have not made a sale. Here’s how to deal with these objection.

Build Your “RUT” first – and what we mean by RUT is your routine. We often call is a positioning statement. Many of your existing happy customers may also have felt this way prior to working with you. And working with you has been good for them. So you need to start your sales “RUT” with the following:

Before I was involved with this service, I was way too buy in my job, I did not have the time for anything, I used the time thing then as en excuse for myself so that I became untouchable and because the concept does take a few minutes to grasp, it was easy not to see value in something because I only gave it 30 seconds of my time. But what happened for me is this….

And off you go. Build Your Routine first, before you start to make sales…