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Business Coaching Programmes to help you successfully grow your business

More Money, More Profit, A Highly Engaged Team and more Free Time for you

Business Coaching

Choose the business coaching option that works best for you – where do you want to take your team and your business and in what timescale

Engage & Grow

Less than 15% of Irish Employees would consider themselves Highly Engaged according to a recent Gartner survey. Find out how we develop your team into a highly engaged machine

Gitomer Certified Advisor

Having the worlds leading sales performance specialist on your team will lead to increased sales and an overall better approach to business. Engage with us today and find out how we develop your sales team…

Non Executive Directorships

Having a non executive director on your board can bring balance and perspective to your business and its strategy for the future. Its like having an unreasonable friend – one you does not lose focus on the bigger picture…

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All our services are specifically designed to activate the minds of your employees by
tapping into the finer points of neurology and the science of motivation.

We help business coaches, business leaders, learning & development professionals, and human resource departments create fully engaged and high performing teams in just a matter of weeks.

12 week ‘red belt’ PROGRAM


Our 12 step signature program is delivered in roughly one hour per week over 12 weeks. It provides outstanding results every time, as evidenced by our pre, mid and post program employee engagement surveys.



Our 6 step program is delivered in roughly one hour per week over 6 weeks. It’s enough to get the wheels in motion to create a highly engaged team. It provides obvious results every time, as evidenced by our employee engagement surveys

6 month ‘blue belt’ PROGRAM


Engagement is a fitness and like any fitness it requires a maintenance regime. This program is designed to sustain the success developed in the red Belt program. You have run the sprint, now its time to lock the changes in for future growth of your business and people.

12 month ‘black belt’ PROGRAM


This master program takes your business to the next level. You have an engaged, profitable and committed team. Now what do you need to do to be Number 1 in your industry? We facilitate this long term and sustainable growth program so you can have the business of your dreams and not just a job.

5 hour ‘white belt’ PROGRAM


This program is an impactful workshop for 5 – 35 employees. It allows you and your team to ‘dip your toe in the water’ and experience the impact of the Engage & Grow experience. The workshop activates participants to act and think innovatively about your business.

12 week sales team PROGRAM


This program is designed to captivate and entertain your key people, whilst strategically developing new sales, habits and behaviours. Designed to take the day to day pressures off the business owner(s) and sales managers. Our certified advisors will be there to manage and lead the entire process from start to finish.

womens leadership development & engagement program


The Engagement & leadership program for Women is designed to unite the workplace by developing womens leaderships skills. It is based on the Red Belt foundation program, providing traction and momentum in your business by empowering new thinking and create more buy in.